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The International Community, the United Nations should not have a biased opinion about the situation in Syria.
The most important concern should be to provide the basic needs like water & food supplies, medicines to the innocent people. We have been getting vague information’s from mainstream media about what has been happening in Syria from past few years. But there is hardly any clear picture about what led to this situation.
The Syrian region, Lebanon, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, lower parts of Turkey and Western Iraq - is somewhat like center point of east and west. Unfortunately, due to poor or inefficient global leadership, this region is constantly facing troubles like internal civil war, civilians becoming the victims due to unfair interests of several nations in this region.
Even though some major members of united nations had a fair motive to bring peace and stability in this region, still the situation got worse and worse, it would actually look like a shame to global leaders to realize that most of the efforts have failed. A deeper introspection can point hints to unfair agendas in past several years.
  Why did the International Community had to step in?  When we look at the Syria situation from a global perspective, most nations would point out that the internal situation like 'Political Ruling' of Syria was so bad that other nations had to interfere in hopes of correcting the situation for a long-term solution. There were concerns like: The current Government is exploiting the people and causing inhuman activities in their regions, the elections were not fair. There were concerns that the ruling party and Government is torturing people.
The question is why would a Government do such a thing on its own people?
Was there a confusion? Or was it that the Assad family is in power and Government is ruling in Syria from 1971 till now, almost 47 years and some nations were not very happy about it? In fact to be true a strong and honest leader in the region is favorable for everyone.
  The confusion led to the provocation of rebel forces ('called with many different names with several groups') - it went on to an extent that they acquired weapons from their supporters and started fighting against the Government and current president Bashar al Assad.
"What's really wrong is how did they acquire weapons?" President Assad asked for the support to correct the situation and hence Russia started helping in resolving.
However, the international community should not take this for any other reason except for saving civilian lives and neutralizing the rebel forces who are hiding in the civilian areas and launching attacks without any clear goals and understanding. Something similar from Assad Government led forces happened as they began to launch attacks on civilian areas without exactly knowing where the Rebel Forces are hiding.
Many civilians were killed and wounded, building and their homes were destroyed. All facilities came to stand-still.
Definitely a wrong step was taken in hurry, instead, Government should have approached advanced nations at an international level and should have asked and warned about the urgency of the situation before launching strikes on civilian areas without clear information. This is what is back-firing now, as masses of innocent civilians clearly think that Government is killing them.

If we hear the voices and concerns of local people, they want peace and stability.
A government that is fair and true towards the welfare of the people.   The international community and United Nation's members are worried that what is the guarantee that what the ruling government and President Assad is proclaiming is correct?

Solution: The rebel forces need to realize that they are fighting with their own people with their own brothers and harming their own family.  Instead, they should we uniting together with the government to rebuild the nation.

1.) The rebel forces should be surrendering and President Assad should assure and build trust with them that they will not be harmed at all and in fact rebels would be respectfully invited towards rebuilding a great Syria.

2.) President Assad should also promise a free & fair election and lay a foundation for the future of prosperous Syria:
should also invite united nations to have an eye on the proceedings.
The International Community, America and European Nations should help in achieving this task in the region. India has been a good friend to Syria and is ready to help rebuild Syria and save civilians.
  3.) President Assad should further ask for help from the United Nations and the International Community to calm the rebels.

4.) If required, Assad should be willing to step down if the people and the results are against him in near or distant future. 

5.) President Assad should come out in open with a clear message to the people of Syria and International Community without any delays.
President Assad who had his initial education in UK at a young age is considered to be reserved. 
However, he must realize that a leader has to communicate to people. International Community should also help President economically to rebuild the nation. There is no other leader in Syria, therefore President Assad is also a great hope.
However, President Assad has the urgent need to build trust with the people.

And International Community, United Nations has to set an example of how a situation can be corrected.     We Thank Noor & Alaa : along with their family of friends for bravely reporting.

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