Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude too!

Chaitali Monday, April 11, 2016

                                                       Pink is the Color of Life
                                                                                                          (Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude too!)

I remember reading a quote from the book, ‘This Book is Not FOR SALE’, by Jarod Kintz, that “Flower petals in the breeze look like a butterfly flapping its wings. My love for you takes flight like a white orchid blushing pink.” Ahhhh…pink, pink, pink…this color represents love, compassion, and understanding. Dating back in the 1700 years, Pink has been always with us, although it was not always as gender-entrenched as it is today, but still it represented as a color full of life. But these days, pink are feminine, romantic and an epitome color of affection. Our men in the 21st century can sound more like blushy and it is not their color. Moreover, it is a march towards gender-specific clothes that is neither rapid nor it is linear. Earlier, there was no gender-color symbolism between a girl and a boy. But, today, it has been tagged under the femininity enveloped in pink for girls.  The world is pink from the lens of romance. In today’s decade, pink is the universal color of love, approachability and also harmony. In simple language, it is the sweet and spice of each and every girl. Also, pink gemstones can be considered to bring serenity, contentment, and relaxation.

PINK IS IN THE AIR, starting from dolls to the red carpet in Oscars:

      Being a girl, I would never think of eliminating pink from my life. In a study, it has been estimated that females may be sensitive to different regions of the color spectrum, but the explanations that have been proposed are still very speculative and leave much to be desired. Pink is in air, especially for the female boomers. Starting from Hello kitties, Barbies, Bubble gums for the babies to the leading ladies wearing pink mermaid gowns in the Oscars, pink has been the eye-stealing option as always. The spread for pink color bloomed when Disney started spreading this color for its pretty princess and it boomed like measles. Even, #THINKFORPINK, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, conducts a show on May 26, so that color Pink can be pickier even for the males. To give it, even more, boost, the pink ribbon is worn to support the fight against breast cancer.

THE CORNER OF PINK, in the Vedas:

                In Dhanurveda, it signified a color that would be related to the chakras, in  Rigveda, color pink was the symbol of political interpretation, in Yajurveda it meant great decision-making skills, in Gandharva Veda, this color attracted more on the positive energies and in Samveda all it had to do with the calmness of mind.

PINK’S attraction in the different zodiacs and culture:

     Pink’s invention for different zodiacs has always brought luck, charm and also fortune for the different zodiacs. In Hindu religion, this color signifies the connotation for the intimacy and unconditional love. I’ve surely repeated this, but “PINK” states the room for LOVE, PASSION, AND GENTLE CARE.
      Thus, even our architectures in India have been mixed in the pastels of pink which itself states the art of positivity and attraction. Indeed, Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude too!

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