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PunchTantra Sunday, October 30, 2016

Financial Consulting holds its own importance in today's times of constantly changing real time markets, the most important factor is the buying and selling behaviour of firms and individuals involved in businesses.
Predictions in Futures & Stock could involve multiple factors that may decide how a particular entity would react to certain market conditions and with more research and experience the ability to draw more accurate conclusions may become more and more achievable. However one of the most important factor that precedes almost all other factors is what relationship the businesses and individuals running it hold in the supposed market, along with added circumstances like the long term rates, current currency valuations and possible changes, the business environment and relationships taking place with the policies that different nations and regions hold among themselves.

After all these factors taken into account still nobody could be 100 percent sure of what the final outcome would be and probably that’s what makes it interesting and continue to bring people to this part of business consulting.

Different stocks behave differently in the market, considering their life in the active market through the phases of inclusion, growth, maturity and decline. A company in technological sector may behave differently from a company in media & entertainment, similarly a company in energy sector may behave differently from a company in finance and banking sector and so on. That is the one of the reason as companies and corporations enters the maturity stage it starts to branch out into different sectors to attain stability in market, though many find it difficult to find their way, but somehow by the time a company enters into maturity it has generally gained financial stability to branch out and take risks, and by that time it has already acquired a certain reputation in the market among the businesses and customers. At this point of time it becomes difficult again for a CEO and board to decide where to go, the importance of guidance of mentors could not be denied at any stage. Very recently Mr. Ratan Tata took back controls of Tata Group of companies in a similar case scenario. The mergers and acquisitions often pump fuel for the further growth. All of this takes place to never let a corporation or a company from going on a downward trajectory of decline and to stay in the maturity-growth zone for as long as possible. With changing times people evolve and similarly businesses evolve and competition keeps increasing, there are few massive corporations that have faced problems for nearly a period as long as a decade and then due to new approach and guidance or probably by introduction of a turnaround product it again picks itself up.

Microsoft announced completely new exciting range of products.

The case of Kodak is a very interesting case for anyone, as the new digital technology was getting introduced to an extent that people were experimenting with mobile phones to make films and put it out for the audience, the old classic and costly film reels started to find less relevance for new filmmakers and producers. Recently, Yahoo has also gone though a tough phase after nearly penetrating the market to the greatest extent in late 1990’s to a tough phase in last decade, the very recent acquisition by Verizon has opened up completely new potential for both the companies and many businesses that are operating within their periphery.

Stocks of companies in Media & Entertainment shows rapid changes when let’s say a film is about to reach theatres. Stars are not called stars for just the sake of it! They align the consumers and have a lot of say in deciding the buying behaviour of people.
The brands that get attached to them or their films often align their products in a timely manner to generate revenues. If the presenters and production company is listed publicly in market they look for opportunities of mergers, sale of stocks and partnerships when a film is about to hit theatres. Depending upon the reach across the world if a major studio has put a lot of money into a film with super stars, they start to align the market in unimaginable ways to an extent that even general news that gets out to people gets influenced by it. More often all this churning of the media & entertainment market is generally short-lived sometimes for just for a few months, hence the effect of rapid change in stocks is short lived.
For the companies in Energy Sector generally there are so many factors that influence how it will perform in the market, like a new method discovery, a factory or a plant and then there are macro factors like overall rates in the market, valuations, inter-governmental approach, etc. (Read more here: Need for Energy) But it is often long term with less fluctuations in short term, a little bit easier to draw predictions with more accuracy. The returns for small investors is small and slightly more assured, for big investors the risks are more and so the returns are more. In Banking the effect is even more long term, the curves or inclines and declines are less apparent, they show up like a cluster of ecosystem with many similar banks showing a upward or downward trend together. They are affected most rapidly in times of financial destabilisation, recession or depression that generally happens in rare cases, and it affects almost all other related businesses.
Being aware about the deals that are going on in the market makes it easier to draw predictions and provide more assured advises for profitable investment opportunity. This might take years of combined information and knowledge, as many companies are sometimes more like a holding company carrying the stocks of some other company for a major investor or venture capitalist at top. There is lot of information that is generally not available or requires a lot of digging up to find the right information.
Here at PunchTantra we continuously access the global market along with social, economic and political developments taking place by monitoring the information flowing across different regions. We provide valuable insights to businesses and individuals by making it easier for them to recognise the opportunities and by helping them to differentiate between ‘what is right and what is wrong’. It is worth mentioning that a lot of information available through many regular sources are often misleading and results in less profitability for investors, they feel so satisfied just by the ‘no-loss prospects’ that they often miss the very much possible extreme high-returns.
So whether you are a business enthusiast with willingness to learn on the go with $1000, or a multi-millionaire running your own business; No matter what part of the world you live in or run your business from, whether it's Mumbai, Shanghai, London or New York you are most welcome to gain benefits through our services.

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