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PunchTantra Sunday, March 11, 2018

Feminism or femi-nazism :

The dictionary defines feminism as: ‘the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of all sexes’.

Many great thinkers and opinion givers choose to accept that feminism is not a philosophy, but a bunch of women who uphold their individual opinions, drag anybody who doesn’t approve their thoughts as ‘sexist’ and blame gender disparity in all the scenarios where they cannot win. Sometimes feminism is conveniently written-off as a stubborn impudence and is believed to be a mask.
Are women trying to get the ‘favors’ or are they trying to misuse their emotional quotient to scale up the ladder?
While some may try to gain benefits of winning an argument based upon such weird notion that it is even sometimes sarcastically called as Femi-nazism!
However big or petty, that isn’t feminism, but a prejudicial representation of it based upon the opinions of a very few, and all that’s worth the change sometimes gets lost in that.   What women want?
Could appear more mysterious then what it sounds like!   Women are accused of underplaying their potential and requesting odds whenever they wish to. Yes, it’s easy to assume that women love being pampered and they prefer it their way, well ask a few men even they would love that!
Do you think that’s how women get what they want?
The ‘feminist’ image is blinkered and is presumably the evident one side of the two-sided coin. There are many words in dictionary that conveys confusing meaning : consider the word 'WoMen' itself! May be life isn’t as simple as it looks. It is not wrong to believe that the grass is greener on the other side; but perhaps it could be just well-watered and carefully maintained. Feminists aren’t 'girls & women' who wish to put just the final signatures on some man’s painstaking lengthy work. Rather women are ready to work just as hard to establish what they deserve and make a distinct mark. If we look back upon the history, there are many instances where women were pressurized and disregarded in worst of ways simply because they were different from men. As long as women are labeled, confined and portrayed in unjust societal norms, it will impossible to view them as equal, hardworking, responsible and grateful individuals.
Need for Egalitarianism :
Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
  As a superficial belief goes, all feminists hate men since ages and will continue to do so till eternity! Well, that isn’t true! Feminists aren’t trying to portray men as evil and women as victims, but they are trying achieve equity for both genders and for those who have been denied for their equal rights.
    So on the contrary,
you may occasionally find 'feminist women' fighting for the rights of men!
The balance can be realized over time and with positive efforts from either ends and across generations. Both genders need to come together, strive for balance and put across the ‘we’ theory as against the ‘you & me’.
Putting it simply, feminism distilled down to its absolute core is all about gender equity and everyone getting equal shots at freedom, success, happiness and opportunities. It’s time feminism is deconstructed and put together as ‘egalitarianism’.   Coming back to who needs what ! ? & Some examples of problems we are facing today:   Like girls getting more opportunities than boys at the beginning of their career, and then facing serious bias and difficulties later on in their lives and career.

Girls & women are more attracted to easy paying jobs. In showbiz they are majorly portrayed as an object of affection rather than as leaders, change-makers or intellectual elites.

Like a women or a girl should not approach a boy or men, as this will be considered against societal norms or probably it is against their ego. As told to them by what they've usually seen in their daily lives.

Most common misconception is that females and women are only supposed to take care of home instead of going out and earnings for the family. While obviously, they are sure to feel a much greater attachment towards family & babies for their protection as they nurture and give birth after going through physical pain - that men could never fully understand no-matter how much ever they try, that’s how nature has designed it and men do not have that power. But, that should never deny women from any of the rights; in fact it should enable them to get more privileges.

There is also no-doubt that 'some women' used their preferential rights to exploit established men by ruining their public reputation. Both men & women needs to be careful about that.

Consider thinking about how many women make it to the list of  World's Richest 500 (3-4%?). The real equality will reflect when we have a 50-50 ratio there. Specially self-made ones!        

  Simply put: unequal work, hence unequal pay. Well, that may stand true to a point.
Because invariably the decisions women make concerning their careers do not shape in a vacuum: the decisions are manipulated by cultural norms and expectations, family pressures, household responsibilities, societal forces that aren’t effectively measured. Owing to them most women choose part-time roles, less demanding jobs, or a slow career progression. Helping to create a more equal society, closing the gender pay gap makes good business sense.

Modern Feminism:
  Among the quotes one of the most wrongly perceived is, ‘Well behaved women seldom make history’.
What it probably conveys is that some parts of society was in such a bad condition, that if you ever have to leave a certain behavior to get what is your right then do not be afraid at all!
  Perhaps it was a weird Venus and Mars alignment, but in recent times, expected and unexpected happenings have brought feminism into sharp focus. The media plays a major role in bringing equality. Several factors today have stereotyped (feminists and) women in terms of how they should look and behave.
Nowadays, in somewhat advanced social circles even men are taught to understand the women's psyche by making them feel like a women, while women & girls are made to feel like a man (secret!). There are great advantages for such a social experiment to create a positive change and to further educate the change-makers who will lead the coming generations. 
It was never promised to be an easy, but shall be worth!

'Feminism' thus does not seek to fuel the imbalance in the social system but aims to create an environment that is equally favorable for both genders to thrive personally and professionally in all parts of life.     


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